Robinson Catapult Slingshot Metal Black

Reference: 5904277557715


Plastic slingshot dimensions:

25 cm by 17 cm by 2 cm

  • Great value catapults

  • Replaceable surgical rubber elastics are durable and dependable.

  • Non Twist Design.

  • Pouch Optimised for close grouping of baits. net pouch and fabric pouch available to cover all baits.

  • Suitable for pellets, particles, maggots, boilies, ground bait etc.

  • Reinforced pouch rings.

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Slingshots are one of the oldest throwing weapons that came to us from the east. Each slingshot consists of a rope, a strap and a projectile pocket. There are several ways to make this weapon. Some of us associate the slingshot with a Y-shaped handle and rubber attached to it, which helps to throw the projectile taut. These are the most common procs on the market today, because they are handy, easy to use and, above all, durable. For such weapons, you can buy individual elements, parts, such as rubbers, bullet covers, profiled handles made of anti-allergic and non-slip plastics. The price of such a slingshot is diverse, it depends on the quality and professionalism of execution, it ranges from about 30 to 100 zlotys. Stones or other makeshift things should not be used as projectiles, as there are special plastic, metal and wooden balls that guarantee the safety and comfort of using the equipment.


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