Carpex Teflon Coated hooks Super Strong 8, size 6, 10 in pcs

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Carpex hooks as the smallest and at the same time a very important element of a carp rig. They are a perfect complement and extension of the entire Robinson carp line: Diaflex / Diplomat carp rods, Freerunner / Taurus / Carp Runner reels, Nano Core Carp / Pro Carp lines, groundbaits and other carp accessories.


Carpex is a world class. The highest power obtained thanks to HTHP (High Technology Hardening Process) hardening. The perfectly smooth Teflon coating of the hooks guarantees reflexivity in a water environment and many times higher corrosion resistance than other hooks. This perfect Teflon coating has been obtained in one Japanese factory that guarantees extraordinary quality. The effectiveness of these hooks has been enhanced by an extremely sharp Needle Point blade. The shapes and sizes of Carpex hooks were chosen by Robinson testers. The thickness of the wire used makes the hooks very strong, and at the same time their plasticity allows you to bend them, which is important when preparing the sets yourself. The micro-burr at the tip does not injure the fish, and allows for easy removal of the carp, released by the angler.

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