Boilies Hookers Spectrum Orange - Mackerel 18 mm 60 g

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Sinking Hook Balls of the Spectrum series, thanks to their unique coating - EXTRA COATING, have a closed double amount of flavor and aroma attractors. The addition of quickly digestible proteins and the highest quality flavors made it an ideal bait in the Method Feeder. These balls have a flexible structure, so you can pierce them with a quickstopper without drilling a hole first. Despite their softness, they do not get damaged when pressed with the feeder while forming the groundbait in the mold. After being placed in water, the balls absorb its molecules, and they soften, releasing their attractors and aromatic liquid. 


Properly combined nutrients, the doubled intensity of the flavor released from the extra coating and the fast work, create an ideal bait in the fishery, to which the largest specimens succumb.

Flavor: Orange - Mackerel

Package: 60 g

Expiration Date: None

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