DURUS Vanilla 18 mm Protein Balls 1 KG

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DURUS series protein balls are made of carefully selected top quality natural ingredients. These ingredients, by appropriate heat treatment (steam, temperature), togehter with micro pellets and sweet flavoury liquid coat the ball, giving it a natural shape. The micro pellets and the flavour released into the water quickly and for a long time lure fish to the fishery and stimulate carps to feed.
Ingredients: Micro pellets, animal meals, soy flour, high-protein products, including albumin, other high-protein additives, oil cake, fish oil, flavourings.
Nutrition facts: crude protein 20%; crude ash 2,36%; crude fibre 1,78%, fat 3,21%, calcium 2,85%, phosphorus 3,20%.
The product is not fit for human consumption.

Flavor: Vanilla
Size: 18 mm
Weight: 1 Kg
Color: Yellow

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