Spectrum Krill 18 mm Protein Groundbait Balls 1 Kg

Reference: 5903260225167

SPECTRUM - protein balls of spectrum series are based on fast-available proteins. Extra coating - A blend of several specially selected protein-rich additives to lure carps even more intensely. When placed in water, the globules absorb water molecules and release aroma contained therein. The globule, when soaked and softened, released its ingredients that quickly attract carps to the fishery.
Ingredients: casein, albumin, other milk-based proteins, soya flour, ground seeds, oilseed cakes, linseed oil, minerals, cereal flours.
ingredients: general protein 25%; crude ash 2,5%; crude fibre 1,95%; fat 3,5%; calcium 3,10%; phosphor 3,50%.
The product is not fit for human consumption.

Flavor: Krill
Size: 18mm
Weight: 1 Kg
Color: Brown

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