Focus Bubble Gum 18 mm Protein Bolies 1 kg

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FOCUS series protein boilies are a great way to bait a fishery, where there is a large fish population and in places where we really have to "pour a lot". Properly balanced food is a guarantee that we will not overfeed the fish. The unique attractors used in the production are responsible for luring fish from distans places of the fishery.
Composition: maize flour, ground cereal grains, powdered milk, sunflower oil cake, sunflower oil, fish oil, albumin, fishmeal.
Fiber content: protein 17%; crude fat 5,60%; calcium 4,24%; crude ash 3,50%; phosphorus 3,40%; crude fibers 2,25%.
The product is not fit for human consumption.

Flavor: Bubble Gum
Size: 18mm
Weight: 1 Kg

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