White Worm 16 mm Protein Boiles Hard 1 Kg

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PROTEIN BOILIES HARD, perfect for the cobra throwing stick, were designed for extremely long-range and accurate throws. Their hardnees and top-of-the-range attractors make them resistant to fine fish while having a strong impact on the fishery grounds. Amino acids, quickly digestible ingredients and HCL betaine stimulate feeding, while top-of-the-range animal and vegetable proteins mean the fish keep coming back for more.
Composition: corn flour, soy flour, 80% WPC concentrate, oil cakes, crayfish meal, casein, lt94 meal, albumin, other animal proteins including GLM meal, Pre-Digested meal, dried friut mix, spice mix, salmon oil, HCL betaine.


Flavor: White Worm
Size: 16mm
Weight: 1 Kg

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