• Ginki
  • MEUS


    Meus is a dynamically developing Polish company. It produces its products only from natural ingredients, and draws inspiration from its customers, who are many years of experience as an anglers. It has a very wide range of great quality products, which makes fishing more exciting. The products offered by Meus are very good value for money. After the success on the Polish market, Meus begins its operations on the English market. We hope that Meus will be as successful on the English market as it is on the Polish market.

  • Mikado


    Established in 1989, the Mikado brand manufactures, imports and distributes angling equipment. Fishing gear with Mikado logo quickly gained great reputation through its reliability and effectiveness, becoming a benchmark of quality for many anglers. Years of presence on a market embedded the brand deeply in hearts of customers. Popularity and trust gained over that period got their reflection in multiple prestigious prizes won both in Poland and across Europe.

  • Robinson


    Robinson is a brand that has been present on the market of fishing accessories and accessories for years. It is one of the leaders in this industry and a brand that enjoys a well-deserved reputation among fishing enthusiasts in Poland. Fishing equipment and accessories by Robinson brand are very eagerly chosen by both professionals and amateurs of fishing. The brand's offer also includes specialized clothing for anglers, bags, and even fishing tents, umbrellas and chairs.
    Although the Robinson brand offer also includes other products, it is fishing tackle and accessories for anglers that form the basis of the assortment and the hallmark of Robinson. The brand's assortment includes high-class fishing rods, reels, lines and braided lines, carp gear, floats, lures, hooks, landing nets, knives and fishing tools, and even specialist clothing for anglers. The offer of the Robinson brand is comprehensive, thanks to which anglers can complete all equipment within the range of this one company.
    The offer of the Robinson brand is tailored to the needs and expectations of anglers of various levels of advancement and with various fishing goals. The range of the Robinson brand includes several specialized collections:
    Van Den Eynde - Robinson Team - is a whole range of equipment and accessories for competitive anglers.
    Robinson - basic spinning, float, ground and fly fishing equipment.
    Carpex - is a specialist equipment for carp fishing.
    Sea Fox - this equipment is designed for sea fishing.
    The stable development of the Robinson brand and its constantly expanded assortment allowed it to develop a leading position in the fishing industry. The Robinson brand products are known and appreciated among amateur and professional anglers, enjoy very good opinions, and thanks to such a wide offer and the variety of proposed solutions, each angler will find suitable solutions for himself among Robinson products.
  • Savage Gear

    Savage Gear

    The love for the modern lure fishing is the fuel that drives our passion and innovation that goes into every single product in the Savage Gear range! That past decade we have been fortunate enough to win your support and constantly growing crowd of anglers that use our products successfully! Every day we get reports and feedback from you and the amount of big fish caught with our gear and lures is incredibly motivating for us.  

    Innovation has always been part of the DNA at Savage Gear and creating realistic lures is something that top lure fishing brand Savage Without it, it would not be where it is today. Every year it expects to see the fruits of endless hours of working alongside its core suppliers. Together we have designed products that overcome problems anglers in the region encounter during everyday fishing.