Diagonal T-BREAM Rod 3.3 m

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length: 330cm
weight: 318g
number of sections: 5
casting weight: 30-60g
action: fast
transport length: 99cm


In the series of economic ROBINSON DIAGONAL rods, we offer several dozen models for floaters, grounders and spinning anglers. The blanks of these rods are made of a new composite technology, thanks to which they are extremely light and at the same time have great power. Diagonal is armed with high-class accessories and light and thin Slim Guides. Both multi-section and telescopic rods are extremely carefully and aesthetically made, which additionally increases their value. Among the dozen or so models of telescopic rods, stiffer poles with long and medium composition are offered, as well as telescopes with a short composition ensuring comfort during transport. The blanks of the rods are painted black mat, and the handles are made of good quality neoprene, which makes it easy to keep the butt end clean. These rods can be safely recommended to anglers for large, medium and small waters. The design and quality of workmanship at a very attractive price make it difficult to find a better range of rods in this class on the market than the Diagonal Robinson series.

Three telescopic rods with a longer composition, from 98 cm to 1.05 m. They will be perfect for float and ground fishing. They are intended for fishing for bream, but thanks to the power reserve they can handle carp, grass carp or other large specimens.

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