Bubble gam Method Feeder Instant Groundbait

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METHOD FEEDER INSTANT GROUNDBAIT - instant groundbait is a ready-made bait for direct use. Excellent for the Methood Feeder, however, due to its versatility, it brings amazing effects with traditional baiting. Selected moisturising substances applied in a special thermal and pressure cycle make this a product with appropriately glutinosity as well as intensive and quick action. The best fragrance attractors and appropriately balanced baits ensure quick luring action combined with stimulation for constant fish foraging. These are the qualities of the ideally loaded feeder for Method Feeder and in connection with a well selected bait (hook balls, pop-ups, dumbbells or pellets from Meus) it is a quarantee of success by the water.


Ingredients: Ground cereal grains, ground shellfish, roasted hempseeds, bakery products, attractors and fragrance additives.

Nutrients: crude protein 11%; crude fat 10%; crude fiber 2,0%; crude ash 1,8%; calcium 1,0%; phophorus 1,3%.
The product is not fit for human consumption.

Flavor: buuble gun
700 g

Re-seal the package after each use in order to keep appropriate parameters of the product.

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