Liquid Food Challenge White Worm 1 L

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One of a kind - liquid food that is perfect for pouring all kinds of grains, balls or pellets. Moreover, it does not dissolve pva. A very intense aromatic "afterburner" with the addition of liquid protein and amino acids. It is in many cases indispensable and irreplaceable. It is perfect for pouring balls, pellets or all kinds of grains. Thanks to its unique consistency, it penetrates deeply into our groundbait while surrounding it with a tempting coating from the outside. In this way, on the one hand, the outer shell quickly releases attractors in the fishery, and on the other hand, it lures the fish for a long time, releasing for some time what has penetrated deep into the structure.

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The product does not dissolve PVA materials, so we can use it when refilling any water-soluble materials.

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White Worm

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