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METHOD FEEDER MIX is the highest quality groundbait mixed with 2 mm pellet made for feeder fishing. Thanks to its small fraction and appropriate proportion of micropellet, this groundbait is composed to maintain suitable stickiness and quick bait expansion at the same time. Made on fish flour base, rich with proteins and amino acids, this groundbait is exceptionally attractive for the carp family. 0nce tried, it will become an essential part of your feeder fishing equipment. This mix is perfect for the high-pressure fisheries or feeder fishing competitions. Not without reason METHOD FEEDER MIX obtained a recommendation of the team of one the best feeder anglers in Poland-Method Feeder Poland.


Ingredients: pre-digested fish meal, salmon fish meal, crayfish fishmeal, ground cereal, oil-cake, potato starch, spices, ground dried fruits, aromatic concentrates.
Nutrients: crude protein 18%, crude fat 3.5%, crude ash 2.7%, calcium 1.5%, phosphorus 2.8%.
Not for human consumption.
Weight: 1 Kg
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