4D Line Thru Pike 25cm Pike Stripet Pike

Reference: 5706301617880



- Photo realistic 4D coating
- Covered with DNA attractor
- Rattle slot in the tail
- Slowly sinking
- Easy to replace Line Thru system
- Finished reinforcement made of Carbon49 material with Line Thru Modifier mounting and red anchor
- ST36 # 1BNx2pcs

Length (Dimensions): 25cm
weight: 110g
COLOR: 01-Striped Pike
Displacement: SS
Collective package: 1

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Pike Savage Gear 4D Line Thru Pike 25cm 110g SS 01-Striped Pike (61788)

Based on a 3D scan of a real young pike. Very high level of detail reproduction, photo realistic colors and the addition of DNA attractor! There are times in the year when young pike fry are a real treat for larger pike species and this super realistic lure will be lethal at this time! The lure moves with an incredibly realistic snakelike action and slowly descends during the retrieve pause! Designed with the use of our brilliant Line Thru system - after taking, the reinforcement disengages from the bait, which moves far away from the sharp teeth of the pike, and the fish itself is not able to use the weight of the bait to disengage.

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