Wobbler with a ratchet Buster F40 S-SH

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This is a novelty in the Robinson offer, a response to the needs of those spinning anglers who want to fish large predators with large lures in a modern way. The sniper, guided evenly, sways sideways, intensely flashing a large side surface. This can be done with classic spinning or trolling. Tearing it with the rod - while jerking in a classic way, this wobbler makes arcs, acting like a confused fish. Such a prey is waiting for a large predator in its hideout.


Wobbler Robinson Buster F40, 40mm, 4g Robinson 46-1BU-F40-S-SH

Thanks to its advantages, the buster wobbler is a real rarity in the box of a spinning angler who prefers to catch trout, chub, ides or perch.

It has very fast, aggressive action.

Thanks to the construction of the rudder, it quickly goes underwater. This small, shapely, only 4 cm long wobbler is relatively heavy,

which allows for long and accurate throws. Fishing with a thin line in fast streams as well as slow flowing rivers is real

pleasure. The carefully selected colors of the Buster attract attention, favoring fishing in both crystal clear, trout

rivers (dark colors) and waters with less transparency (light colors with holographic coatings). We fish with the Buster

in still and slowly flowing waters.

Especially effective against: trout and perch.

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