Wobbler with a ratchet Vander S95 FT

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This is a novelty in the Robinson offer, a response to the needs of those spinning anglers who want to fish large predators with large lures in a modern way. The sniper, guided evenly, sways sideways, intensely flashing a large side surface. This can be done with classic spinning or trolling. Tearing it with the rod - while jerking in a classic way, this wobbler makes arcs, acting like a confused fish. Such a prey is waiting for a large predator in its hideout.


Vander wobbler

Vander is a steerless swimbait. This 9.5 cm lure was designed with pike in mind and it was perfect in summer, during hot weather, when other lures completely failed. Coiled at an even pace, it works like a live fish, and left in place after a short standstill, it slowly begins to sink to the bottom, keeping its horizontal position. It is at this point that we record the most strikes. If you add short jerks to the classic winding with a pause, you get a lure that is perfect for your work, which, apart from the aforementioned pikes, is also hit by large perches and zander. A lure made for hot and fishless days.

Especially effective for: pike, large perch

Wobbler parameters:

Length: 95mm

Weight: 11g

Type: sinking: 0.5-1.2m

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